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Good health is not the absence of illness, but the presence of balance and harmony. @CG

                      We carry all Jade Dragon formulas and Chinese Patent Formulas!!!



Cold and Flu Formulas

JD1275-Bi Yan Wan- Cold Sinus Formula, sneezing, nasal congestion, mild colds

JD1630-Gan Mao Ling Wan- Cold and Flu formula, all types of colds

JD2260-Qi Guan Yun Wan- Colds with severe congestion, cough   

JD2420-Sang Ju Wan-Early stage colds with sore throat, mild cough 

JD3100-Yin Qiao Jie Du Wan-Best started at the first onset of colds with sore throat.

Stress Formulas

JD1030-An Mien Wan-Stress-related insomnia, restlessness 

JD1660- Gui Pi Wan-Stress-related poor digestion, anxiety, palpitations 

JD3120-Yu Ping Feng Wan-Preventive formula for people who are often sick with colds

Women’s Formulas

JD1090-Ba Zhen Wan-For signs of fatigue, dizziness, irregular menstruation, poor appetite  

JD1770-Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan-Menstrual discomfort, feelings of heat, flushed face. 

JD2050-Liu Wei Di Huang Wan-Low back pain, fatigue, dryness, anxiety, frequent urination 

JD2980-Xiao Yao Wan-Menstrual discomfort, abdominal pain, irritability, anxiety

JD3190-Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan-Menopausal signs, fatigue, hot flashes, low back pain, anxiety

Digestive Formulas

JD1660-Gui Pi Wan-Stress-related poor digestion, anxiety, palpitations, night sweats

JD1910-Kang Ning Wan-Mild stomach upset, nausea, bloating

JD2590-Shu Gan Wan-Poor digestion, anxiety, palpitations

Men's Formulas

JD1870- Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan- used for impotence, cold limbs, frequent urination

Other Jade Dragon Formulas

JD1780-Jiang Ya Wan-Lower pressure formula, hyperactivity

JD2080-Long Dan Xie Gan Wan- Hyperactivity, constant damp-heat, urinary tract infection, helpful in oral and genital herpes

JD3160-Margarite Acne Pills-Formula for acne, dispels toxins, relieves swollen masses

JD2560-Shou Wu Wan-Nourish hair formula, helpful in premature graying hair or loss of hair

                                           Traditional Chinese Patent Formulas

CP0001-Yunnan Paiyao- Promotes circulation and blood flow, lowers blood pressure, very helpful in relieving joint pain and arthritis. Helps to clot blood due to injury (can be used topically) originally developed 1,600 years ago for martial artists. Ask for price.

CP0002-Zhi Wan- Dispels stagnation, sedates inflammation, stops pain, stops bleeding and promotes tissue growth. A very effective formula for hemorrhoids. Bottle of 100 pills-$10.00

CP0003- Quan Lu Wan- The famous Alrodeer Pills, invigorates, nurtures blood, strengthens lungs, spleen and kidney. Appropriate for the ageing. Bottle of 100-$12.00

CP0004- Lidan Paishi- Used to reduce inflammation in both the gallbladder and liver. An effective formula in the treatment of gallstones. Bottle of 120-$10.

CP0005- Wu Chi Pai Feng Wan- A blood tonic. Used for menstrual disorders. Effective for menstrual cramps and PMS and blood deficiency. Bottles of 120 pills-$15.00

CP0006- Ji Gu Cao Pill- Used for acute and chronic hepatitis. Bottle of 50 pills-$10.0

CP0007- Jiang Ya Pian- Effective in lowering blood cholesterol and preventing hardening of the arteries. Box of 12 bottles, each with 12 tablets-$15.00

CP0008- Tang Kwe Gin- Nurtures and invigorates blood. Recommended for deficiency following illness, surgery or trauma. Bottle of 200cc-$12.00

CP0009- Mi Luian Chuan Bei Pui Pa Gao- Used to resolve phlegm and cough. Bottle 8.5oz-$12.00

 CP0010- Tzepao Sanpien Extract- A broad spectrum and very effective tonic. Improves mind and spirit, strengthens lower back, empowers male sexual function. Box of 10 vials-$20.00