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Good health is not the absence of illness, but the presence of balance and harmony. @CG



The following are questions that our clients most frequently ask about TCM.
How do I obtain Chinese herbal formulas... ?
For certain common formulas you may view some Products in these pages. You may order these formulas and more by using Paypal or money order.
Are they really safe... ?
Traditional Chinese Medicine is approximately 5,000 years old. The effectiveness and safety of the formulas used are well documented, but as in Western medicine, a licensed professional should always be consulted before undertaking any form of therapy.
Why doesn't my physician know anything about the benefits of Chinese medicine... ?
Western physicians are trained to cure symptoms. Alternative remedies and therapies are often not taught at all in medical schools. To understand one of the reasons why, we must realize that herbal medicines cannot be patented, therefore the profit margin is next to none.
How long must I continue treatment using Chinese herbs or formulas... ?
The answer to this lies in each individual's presenting symptoms and imbalance. Most often than not, the course of treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine for a primary disorder is typically 30 to 90 days, with the later part used to secure and consolidate the progress achieved.
What is the best way to take herbal formulas... ?
Herbs in pills, capsules, powder, or tablet form will achieve maximum influence after about one hour, although they will begin having effect after about 30 minutes. Such effects can be helped by consuming the herbs in warm water or tea, by ingesting a small amount of red wine (in cases where it might be appropriate), or by consuming a small amount of bland food to stimulate the digestive system. 
What are the differences between Western herbal therapies and TCM?
Western herbal therapies while often effective to some small degree, are recommended using the protocols from a standpoint of Western medicine, so therefore they are principally effective in solely treating symptoms, while on the other hand,  Traditional Chinese Medicine's diagnostic protocols treat the causes of these symptoms at their root. This is accomplished by encouraging balance and harmony within the entire system using various forms of therapy specifically designed for each individual's concerns and needs. 
                                                    Our Questionnaire
On-Line Evaluation
To further help our visitors, we suggest that if interested in obtaining the proper Chinese formulas to address specific illnesses or diseases, the questionnaire below be completed.
These questions, will help us, help you to assess the proper course of action to be taken, and to determine which form of alternative therapy or remedies would be appropriate and most effective.
(There is a $35 charge for this service please complete questionnaire and scroll to the bottom of the page for details. We can accept most forms of payment thru our partners at Paypal.)
Directions: 1. Go to Paypal link below and make payment to: clinician@doctor.com
Please remember that our recommendations are not intended to medically prescribe or promote any herbs or products, nor is our intention to replace medical care. If you have, or think you have, a condition which requires immediate medical attention you should promptly seek medical care.
1.Name ? Email ? Location ? Age ? Sex ? Height ? Weight ?
2.What is your presenting condition or health problem ?
3.Do you lead an active or sedentary life ? Do you exercise ? Are you sexually active ? Are your menstrual periods normal?
4.Are your extremities, (hands, feet), cold or hot often ?
5.What is the color and texture of your tongue ? Pale? Dark red ? Bright red ? White ? Pink ? Covered with film ? Thick ?
6.What color is your urine ? Clear ? Pale yellow ? Dark or deep yellow ? Murky ? Do you have any problems with bowel movements? 
7.What are the present medications or remedies you are taking; and, to treat what ailments ?
8.What illnesses have you suffered in the past ?
9.What is your family's medical history ?
10.Are you allergic to any substance or medication ? Do you drink alcohol often or use other drugs ?
11.What sort of diet, if any, do you follow ? Are you often stressed ? Do you sleep well ?
12.What other alternative remedies have you tried?

We check our pages and Email daily, and will contact you immediately upon receipt payment.